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Hi there :) 

I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I have posted anything on here or on Youtube, it's  just that all my free time at the moment has been taken up by either revision, work or generally seeing people who are close to me. I have also been quite stressed at the moment due to exams and deadlines and decided i didn't want to upload as I knew I wouldn't be happy with the content.

Although i still have more exams yet to sit, I will soon be blogging and uploading more. This is because I only have four more exams to go, after that I will be off for summer. So expect to see a lot more of me :D aha

So as many of you will know how stressful times can be while being a student in year 11, i thought I might give you some revision tips and how to stay focused...

Find a technique that works best for you whether it's siting in you room on your own, or whether it's with friends at school, what ever way suits you best. 
Personally I find it easier to study alone at home where there are no one to distract me and I can decide when I need a break, while others might decide that they prefer to be at school and have a set routine of when they have breaks etc...

My school have decided to not give this years year 11's Study leave.' Study leave means that when you finish a subject you don't have to attend that lesson and can stay at home, then only come in for the lessons which you still have exams left for. This is unfortunate for me as I concentrate better at home instead of being in a classroom surrounded by my friends. 

As I have to stay in school all day now and have finished the majority of my exams I have many 'Free periods' (this is when you have finished the subject and have a free hour to revise for another subject) to keep my self focused in these lesson I usually listen to music while I work, this gives me motivation and keeps me on track.
I will do another post on my favourite play list soon :)

Here are the Exams I have completed so far:
Maths (paper 1)

The Exams I have yet to complete:
Maths (paper 2)
Science (module  3)
Science (module 4)

I hope EVERYONE gets the exam results they need to get into college!

The subjects I have chosen for College:
Creative Media (Print based)

Good luck and I shall see you soon 
- Imogen x

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