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Trends come and go yearly, some not as great as others, but I guess that’s when they come and go. Some trends tend to last longer than others, so it is essential to keep up to date with them.
I always find that summer rolls around a lot faster than I realise. Before I know I am stuck on what to wear, constantly looking in magazines and websites for inspiration.

Off the shoulder dresses and tops came in style in 2016, carrying over into 2017. The correct term for this trend is called Bardot, named after Brigitte Bardot.
 I can hands down say that I love this trend and own a fair share of tops and dresses.
This easy to wear trend suits a wide variety of body types, flattering and showing off shoulders and collarbones while covering your upper arms covered.

These dresses are super easy to dress up to wear to something like a party, yet they can be dressed down enough to wear casually in the day.

Bodycon Bardot dresses with a large frill around the neckline is perfect for people that have a triangular body shape, meaning you have wider hips and narrow shoulders. The frill will give the illusion of a more hour glass body shape. This style is also a good choice if you have a smaller bust. If the dress didn’t have frills the straight cut neck line would flatten your chest even more. However, due to the frill it gives the look of a slightly bustier figure.

This dress is a loose fitting, long sleeved dress, from TKMAXX and is sold at $14.99. This one is slightly different than the last one, it is more of a summer, beachy dress. I would wear this in the summer paired with some simple flip flops or sandals.
This dress unlike the last one does not have the frill however it does have the sleeves. The knots placed at the end of each sleeve acts as the main focal point of the dress. Distracting it from the straight neckline, making it flatter for both small and larger busted people.

Stripes are coming back into trend this summer, so don’t be shy to try something new. This is a simple off the shoulder Bardot top, which is very slightly cropped. This is a flattering shape with the flared sleeves. This is a trend that is also very in now, flares. That is both flared tops and trousers.

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