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In this post I'm going to be going through my everyday makeup routine. Just throwing it out there that I don't wear everything in this post every single day. My base stays the same, but I switch up my eyes and lips depending on how much time I have or just my mood in general.

To prep my skin for my foundation I will prime my skin with the Benefit Porefessional Primer. When applying this product you want to make sure that you pat the product on to your skin, rather than rub it in like you would with a cream. Start at the centre of your face and work your way outwards. This will help you makeup last longer and minimise the appearance of pores.

After my face is primed and ready I will go in with my favourite foundation, Estée Lauder Double Wear. After seeing the constant hype for this foundation I was dying to get my hands on this product. I can honestly say it is 100% worth the hype! It sits perfectly on my skin as well as being lightweight and medium to full coverage, which is always a bonus. I am in the shade Ecru.
To apply this foundation I use a Nikopro oval brush.

Now its time to fill in my brows. I use the collection eyebrow kit it blonde. I have used this product practically since I started filling in my brows. I use this everyday, hence me hitting pan :( The shades in the palette fit the colours of my brows perfectly. I start by using the middle shade to fill in the majority of my brow and then go in with the darker shade towards the end. This gives them a slight gradient, not too much though. There is a reason why the thick obre brows stayed in 2016 ;)
Depending on how rushed for time I am, I will sharpen my brows by lining them with concealer, also can hide any mistakes that I may have made.

After I have Finished my eyebrows, I then go on to eyes. Personally this is my favourite part and tend to spend the most time doing. My favourite eyeshadow that I have been using near enough everyday for the past few months is Rule by Mac. I use this in most of my makeup looks as it acts perfectly as a transition shade. For this look I am applying this to my crease, feathering it out towards my brow bone to ensure there are no harsh lines. 
I then deepen up my crease and outer corner with a deep plum shade from Mac, called Sketch.  

Once I have finished my eyeshadow I will add winged eyeliner. I have used lots of different eyeliners over the years, my personal favourite is the Benefit push up liner. However I have run out of this, so in the mean time I have been using the collection liquid liner. Which is still good but I do prefer the benefit one.

I always do this step after eyeliner, or shadow if I'm not doing liner. This way I can clean up any fall out from the shadow, or fix my eyeliner. I apply the concealer in a triangle shape under both eyes, down the centre of my nose and the centre of my forehead and then on any blemishes I may have. I use the Collection lasting perfection concealer in shade 1. This concealer is great for brightening your under eyes and is also full coverage.

After I have concealed everything I often find that my face almost looks plank and almost flat. I will then go in with Benefit's Hola bronzer to add back in dimensions. I use this bronzer to contour both my cheek bones and nose.

Now for my favourite step, highlighting!! I use The Balm Mary-louminzer highlighter, I love this highlight, it gives my skin the perfect glow. I apply this to the top of my cheek bones, my brown bone, the tip of my nose and my cuipids bow. 

I now go back to finish my eyes and finish them with mascara. I always go back to this step and not straight after my eyeliner as I want to let my eyeliner dry before I apply mascara. I use Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara. This is one of my personal favourites.

This is always the last step of my routine and can often pull the whole look together. One of my favourites and my most worn is the Kylie Lipkit in Ginger. I feel this shade complements my makeup and goes perfectly with the orange shadow. I can honestly say this is the longest lasting lip product that I have tried. I would defiantly recommend the lip kits to anyone who is contemplating purchasing one.

-Imogen x

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