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It's been such a long time since I have posted on here, far to long! I had taken a break from everything I guess you could say, an unexpected break that wasn't really planned, it just happened. 

When I first started this blog and my youtube channel I planned to post at least once a week on both sites. However I didn't anticipate how much school at the time and more recently college and work would get in the way of things! It's been manic going college 5 days a week and working both days and often in the week at work, however in a few months I am going to be finishing college and thought I would try and get back on track now!

New Camera
I have recently purchased a new camera, which in all honestly has been one of the main reasons that has made me want to get back on track. Although it shouldn't be about the equipment you own, but the passion that you have for doing something you love so much. However as a self confessed perfectionist, its hard to post something that you don't love and know that the quality is poor. I have contemplated getting the Nikon D53000 for quite a few months and finally decided to purchase it! I can honestly say that it was the best decision, the camera quality is amazing. I feel as this is almost a new start now. I can finally post things that I love and be proud of them, rather than being afraid and embarrassed in case anyone saw them. 

If you didn't know already I made a Instagram account for my youtube channel not too long ago. Not very many people I know knew about my youtube channel and blog, other than family and a few friends before now. However somehow quite a few people have found my Instagram lately which has no doubt led them to my channel. I can honestly say I couldn't care less! Which is such a jump from last year where I would dread anyone I knew finding it. It is something that I enjoy doing in my free time and I have learnt that I shouldn't let anyone stop me from doing something that I love. 

So expect to see a lot more of me on here and on youtube :)

-Imogen x

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