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Hello :) Long time no blog... aha

So I haven't been blogging much recently, due to a very busy summer!! I plan to get back on track and more organised as I am going to be going to collage soon in September.
So this summer has been very busy and at least to say one of the best yet! This year has been amazing , I have done so many things that I didn't think I would, or even expect. It has been jam packed with trips, festivals, work and many days out!

My summer so far has consisted of:


 Spending a week in Cornwall with my boyfriend and his family, As they rent out a large cottage every year. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go last year, so i guess it made it extra special this year! My boyfriend and his family had a few extra days before I arrived, as at this point I was still studying for some of my final exams and had revision sessions to attend. When I had been to my final revision session, I got the train down to meet them. We had days out to local towns and visited many places! Then where we were staying was right on the beach, so every night we waled along the beach, went in the sand dunes and explored the cove and caves.


 I went on a family holiday to Italy for a week, which will most likely would have been our last family holiday that all 4 of us would go on together. This is due to the fact as my older Brother is going traveling for a year in 2016, and I will be at collage. We will most likely have holidays together in the future, but maybe with extra people and not just the 4 of us.
The holiday was great and we had loads of fun! When we were there we had an idea that I could film short clips of the holiday then put them into a video that i could post onto my Youtube channel. 

Here is what the outcome looked like -

MTV Festival

 I went to a Two day MTV festival with one of my friends! We didn't stay over night as we were able to get transport home every night. It was loads of fun and we managed to get to the front on the second day. I filmed a get ready with me video for the festival and managed to get a small amount of footage for the first day.

Boardmasters Festival

I also attended Boardmasters Festival, which if you are unfamiliar is a 4 day long festival that takes place every year in Newquay, Cornwall. Its called Boardmasters as during the day there are Surfing and Skateboarding competitions that take place on the local beaches. During the days we went into town, went to the aquarium and visited the local beaches. While in the evening we went to watch people preform such as: Raleigh Ritchie, Blonde, Lethal Bizzle, Rudimental, Faithless. 
I also met so many some amazing people and created unforgettable memories that will stay with me forever!


My Boyfriend and I traveled to Stratford to spend time with some of his family, unfortunately we could only spend two nights there as we both had work. Never less we had a fantastic time, we went shopping visited a Butterfly Farm and spent quality time with his relatives. This was lovely as we dont get to see them much as they dont live near to us.

Learning to Drive?

As I am still 16 years old I can't legally drive on the road yet, but as my birthday is coming up my parents decided it would be a good idea to do a few lessons on a local 16+ off road driving course. This was to help me to become somewhat familiar with driving before going onto the road and become a little more confident than i would be if I didn't have the lessons.

These are the larger events that have happened in my Summer, never the less I have had many great times that I haven't mentioned and I am every bit grateful of all the people that I spent them with and the fact that I was able to do them!

- Imogen x

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