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2:10 pm

I have been watching various people on YouTube for about 5 years now and I have always wanted to start my own channel. But me being who I am I didn't want to do it while I was at school in case anyone found out. I am coming to the end of year 11 now and to be honest I have stop caring if people found out. This doesn't mean that i am going to tell everyone I know about it :) One of my friends know, as she wants to start a channel too! It is something that I like and want to do, so why should I let others control that...
So I have started my own channel. Finally! 
I hope to upload once every week, I haven't decided what day yet, as school is taking up a lot of my free time at the moment. When school is finished I hope to be uploading two videos a week. My content will vary from get ready with me to sit down chats. 
I have already uploaded my first video, which is my everyday makeup routine.
It would mean a lot if you could check it out - ImogenRose
-Imogen x

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