Results Day! Whats next?

11:50 pm

The day had final arrived! Yesterday was the 20th of August 2015, the day I received my results from my GCSE's that I had previously sat at the beginning of the year. Knowing that that past 12 years of schools all came down to 11 small letters printed on a piece of paper was beyond me, this made me very anxious to receive them... My main goal was to pass English and Maths, this is due to the fact that in England if your English or Maths grade is at a D or bellow you have to retake the subject at college. This is something that I did not want to have to do, as the classes run when you would normally have free periods. I waned to have time to myself in the day and in my free periods to do things that I enjoy or that are related to the subjects that I had chosen. Personally I had self doubt that I was going to pass the two subjects. 

I went into my school on my own as my boyfriend was sat in the car waiting, as there were no parking spaces. I went in and saw a few of my friends, we talk for a while, when in fact I was almost putting off going to collect my results. I finally thought to myself that there is no point waiting, I couldn't change the grades that were printed on the piece of paper now. I walked over to the table where my results were laid out, at this point I wasn't worried at all, I just wanted to open them to see what I had achieved. 
The first thing I looked for was to see what grade I got in both Maths and English...
I Passed!

I came away with:
A - Art
B - Media
B - Textiles
B - Business studies
B - Drama
C - Maths
C - English Literature
C - English Language
C - Science (core)
C - Science (additional) 
C - Religious studies

I am overall happy with my results and can't wait for the next step to college...
I plan to go to college as I feel that it is more suited to the way I learn and what I am looking for in education, rather than a six for which is similar to being in school.
 The courses I have chosen are:
Creative Media (Print based)
Business Studies

These are all subjects that I am passionate about and would like to have a career involving them after college.

I am happy with my results I have achieved and I am in no way bragging.
No matter what you grades you came out with, there are always back up options that you can take. Don't be disheartened by your results, if they aren't what you hoped they would be!

Before I received my results my parents both told me that from the day they left college to now they have not once been asked what GCSE results when applying for a job! Although some teachers put pressure on us and tell us this is one of your most important parts of your lives and that these results will stay with you forever, you can get a job without having high grade GCSE's!!

I hope you are all happy with your results! Let me know if anyone has done a post similar to this, I would love to know you opinions on it too!

- Imogen x 

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