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Festival season is approaching fast as we go into the summer months. Festivals are held all round the world, some of the most well-known ones are Coachella and Glastonbury. Here I will give you tips and tricks to be on trend and fully prepared for the festival madness.
If you have been to any festivals before big or small, you will know that anything goes, weather that may be subtitle or completely outrageous.


If you are a makeup lover like me, then this is the time where you can show off your creativeness and go completely wild with glitter.


Strobing is a huge trend of 2017, it is a form or highlighting and is perfect for festivals. Applying strobe cream to the high points of your face before applying a foundation or BB cream will give your face an instant glow. This can also be applied on top of your makeup and act like a highlighter.

Even though it isn’t always sunny in the UK, there is no doubt that you will get super-hot dancing in the crowd. I would highly recommend wearing a light foundation or BB cream, which isn’t going to be too heavy on your skin. A light breathable base will be just the thing you need after a full day of dancing and few hours of sleep. Plus, you don’t need a brush to apply it with, meaning less to pack and you can apply it on the go.

Stick with the cream theme, use cream products for the base of your makeup, they won’t go cakey and they give a more natural look. Blush sticks are great they are easy to apply and they are compact. Just apply a stripe of the blush to your cheek and blend out with your fingers.

Highlighter is defiantly my favourite part of any makeup look, especially at a festival. The more glow the better, is time to bring out that rainbow highlighter that you have been dying to wear. Personally, I prefer to wear warm natural tones or icy highlighters with blue undertones, but this is what suits me so don’t be afraid to try something completely out of your comfort zone. I prefer to wear a cream based highlighter and then go back in with glitter and maybe even more highlighter at the end.


There are typically two options with eyes, you can either go more natural with minimal makeup and focus more on face paints and glitter, or create over the top eyes and have minimal to no face paint and glitter.
Trends consist of anything from brightly coloured eyeliner, full lid of glitter and the cut crease look.
A popular trend now is to put a small dot of eyeliner or a rhinestone bellow the centre of your lash line. This was inspired by Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, in one of their music videos.

The extras for any festival can either make or break any look. There are endless different festival looks, I find if you are stuck for inspiration go to pintrest.com. This website is great for its endless pages how to tutorial on how to create the perfect festival look.

Firstly, let’s start with glitter. Glitter can be put anywhere on the face, body or hair.
Usually it is applied in a half moon shape on the temples, starting on the check and finishing above the eyebrow. Both fine and chunky glitter can be used, of even combined. 2017 tends seems to consist of the chunky, holographic glitter. Glitter roots is also a huge trend right now, this is when you cover your hair in glitter, but only the roots of your hair. This look has been worn by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus.

Paint can be added to turn any look from causal to festival. From intricate henna like designs to a few simple dots. Be creative and have fun with it, after all it isn’t permanent, so if you don’t like it you can just start again. 

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