2015, A new page in the next chapter.

1:17 pm

New beginnings 

So its 2015! what a year 2014 has been. As an over view it has had many ups and a few downs but never the less I can defiantly say it has bee a great year, full of memories that will stay with me forever. Summer was great, spending time with friends, family, creating new relationships and meeting new people. The weather was great and the long evening meant staying out late with friends, from spending it at the beach creating fires, to sitting in the garden just talking. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings. 

A New year means-
  • New people.
  • New things.
  • New happiness.
  • New opportunities.

Things i want to achieve in 2015

  • I hope to have a more open mind on new things as they could lead to new opportunities.

  • Don't let other peoples opinions effect the way i dress. Fashion is a very personal thing to an individual, it represents personality and it makes you different from other people. The fact that someone only has to say one comment on what you are wearing and it will put you off of wearing it for a long time is unreal. As much as I hate it I can’t say I'm not the type of person that will get dressed in the morning, and then thinks what people will say, or how people will react, because I am. But to be honest this year I am going to wear what i want to wear and if people don't like it then that is there problem not mine, they are not the ones wearing it.

  • Learn how to drive, not so much pass my test but gain experience in a car.

  • Complete a charity event/run. Last year I completed the 10k Cancer Research run, and this year i hope to complete more to raise awareness and funds for charities that make a difference.  

So be open to new things, as they may open new doors of opportunities. Don’t be afraid of what other people think, if you want to do something do it. Don't let other people control what you do, make your own decisions! Make the most of this year and take everyday as it comes, accept change and make memories.

-Imogen x

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